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Bodily Attacks at "Petre Andrei"

12 Iunie 2007
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UPA's rifling by Niculecu-Anton Dobos' clan is a new charge of Doru Tompea and Cristian Bocancea's against the self-appointed Rector of the University "Petre Andrei" of Iasi, Nae Niculescu. "Anton Dobos, who is already the manager of DGFPJ, guaranteed he had not noticed the fact that Niculescu was committing the greatest tax dodging ever discovered in Iasi, namely encashing some million Euros through a non-governmental organization and issuing certain diplomas on behalf of the university disbanded by law", asserted the two professors. Starting from last week's disclosures of the daily ZIUA of Iasi, yesterday, the managerial staff of the University "Petre Andrei" of Iasi handed the press new documents which confirm UPA's rifling by Niculescu-Dobos group.
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