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Bribe lessons

7 Noiembrie 2006
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The subprefect Tudor Leonte rejected the accusation made by Radu Prisecaru which imply that he sent to DNA only the documents that incriminate the ex-prefect. Leonte retell a discussion between Radu Prisecaru and Sculy Logotethi who claimed a 41 ha surface of land at the edge of the national highway Iasi-Tg. Frumos. From this discussion we can tell that Radu Prisecaru asked the woman bribe for repossessing this area. Prisecaru implied that this area is too valuable and the repossessing might be done with difficulties and risks.

After the press conference emitted at the end of the last week by the prefect Radu Prisecaru were he accuse the two subprefects of sending to the national department of corruption (DNA) only the incriminatory documents regarding his person, the subprefect Tudor Leonte started a fight. Prisecaru still accuse Tudor Leonte that he interfered personally and telephonically at the State's Area Agency for a woman named Sculy Logotethi who demanded a surface of 41 ha to obtain a better location for her property.

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