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Bulldozer Oprea

2 Noiembrie 2006
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The rector of University"Al.I .Cuza ",Dumitru Oprea,gave the signal for a radical change within PNL Iasi,a subsidiary lately shaken by the scandal concerning corruption."I give PNL`s leadership the permission of withdrawing themselves honourably. If not,I`m going to act as a bulldozer-entering and erazing everything.",Dumitru Oprea declared.On Saturday,November 4,Theodor Stolojan and Valeriu Stoica are comming to put forward the new political Liberal Platform in Iasi.The event is taking place at the House of the Trade Union.Dumitru Oprea stands for the chair of mayor in Iasi town. Beside Dumitru Oprea ,at this conference which announces the return to the political stage is also taking part the dean from The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ,Vasile Cocris ,the district adviser Marius Spanu and the businessman Marian Berdan.The rector Dumitru Oprea motivated his return in politics through his desire of involving himself more in the community`s life.This fact also implies his entrance in the race for the mayor`s chair in Iasi town.
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