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Burlea was the best

22 Noiembrie 2006
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Six of the candidates obtained grades of five and six ,meaning they did not take the second test. The highest grade -9,50, was given to prof. dr. Marin Burla and to prof. dr. Anca Trifan. the candidates for Socola Hospital obtained only 5. Yesterday, the candidates for the function of manager at the hospital sustained the second test of the examination, the managerial projects` presentation. It was a quite difficult test, as six of the candidates did not pass it, obtaining less than 6, and the most were given 7. The two rivals still in competition for the Socola Hospital of Psychiatry, dr. Florin Lunguleac and ec. Mariana Taraboanta obtained only 5. For the Hospital of Recovery, where there are three candidates, only Cristina Dobre- the daughter-in-law of the liberal deputy, ex-PSD`s ,Traian Dobre-passed this test with an 7,73 , and the others three ,Mihai Grigoras and Carmen Diaconu obtained 5,83 , respectively 6. The countercandidate dr. Vicuta Todosiciuc from the Lying-in Hospital Cuza Voda, Mariana Nica, managed to obtain only a 6. The highest grades at the test for sustaining the managerial project were Burlea`s and prof.dr. Anca Trifan`s,from the Institute of Gastroentereology and Homeopathy, both obtaining 9,50.
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