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Busyka - Condemned

14 Iunie 2007
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Costel Ovidiu David, one of the most known brokers of Iasi, also nicknamed Busyka, was sentenced yesterday to two years of imprisonment for having committed several piracies. This is the maximum punishment Busyka could have been sentenced to for this crime. He has to pay damages of 70 million Lei (7 thousand RON) to Microsoft Corporation, 944 million lei (94, 4 thousand RON) to the Photogram Producers' Union of Romania and 430 million Lei (43 thousand RON) to RO-ACT, the organization for preventing and controlling piracy in Romania. According to the latest information, Costel David has restarted his piracy activity in Tudor Vladimirescu, but he no longer signs with "Busyka" on the movies and games.
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