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Carbon - Copied Auctions

25 Ianuarie 2007
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Once again, the managership from Terom SA Iasi put up for auction, at the beginning of the year, more assets and lands which had been bought by the Syrian Michael Nseir. The respective businessman won one more auction, on the 30th of November, which was eventually cancelled. Consequently, the managerial staff from Terom SA has organized another auction for this month, a carbon copied one, like the report to the National Movable Assets Board. This time, the winner was the same- the Syrian Nseir, at the same price which had been previously contested. Terom SA Iasi has managed to organize two identical auctions over two months, for the same assets, the first auction having been canceled for procedural reasons. A group of employees have lodged a complaint to the Court, affirming that the auction had been illegal.
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