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Close Struggle for PSD's Leadership

11 Decembrie 2006
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Mircea Geoana's rivals, Antonie Iorgovan and Sorin Oprescu, have delivered roughly and critically against the current leader." Mircea Geoana is a locomotive driving the carriages towards the switch yard. The party has decreased to 20 per cent. To operate on pockets with the left hand is the current leadership's idea", declared Sorin Oprea. The current leadership is not credible. It has to be changed", said Antonie Iorgovan. Mayor Gheorghe Nichita has been designated the vice-president of PSD for Moldova region. Although the majority of the members had been expecting a calm election within PSD, yesterday, the things happened on the top of the others, due to the harsh critics addressed by Geoana's rivals for the party's leadership, against the former.
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