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Comanescu and Butur, Involved in an International Windmill for Money Laundering

22 Decembrie 2006
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The information exclusively possessed by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi prove the complicity of the controversialist man of business from Iasi, Constantin Comanescu, supposed to have taken part to the scandal of the poisoning of Siret River, on the winter 1999-2000. His possible involvement is related to an international net of some million Dollars' suspect transactions and of certain account rotations from and towards the Transnistrean area from Moldavia Republic, to some different corners of the world. Even Eugen Butur does have a finger in this pie, the ex- executive of the Regional Customs Board (DRV) Iasi being prosecuted for corruption. In fact, there is enough evidence that the two- Constantin Comanescu and Eugen Butur, had collaborated in numerous other affairs with companies from Basarabia
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