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Burning Week For the Defendants In "Bribery at Prefecture" Files

30 Octombrie 2006
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Today, the expert report for property is going to be laid down to the files for the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru's arrest. The expert from Bucharest Radu Dunareanu assessed in 30 pages the land's value and checked the prefect's and the ex-ADS Iasi leader's close relatives. According to the information he owns ,the expert established a far lower value for the land supposed to be taken as bribery .During the report, an expert engaged by Radu Prisacaru himself was watching each and every movement . Until the end of the week, the defendants could be sent to the instance. The expert in property Mihail Dunareanu ,the one that established the report for "Bribery to the Prefecture" Files is going to submit to the prosecutors from the central structure of The National Anti-Corruption Department .Yesterday ,he declared to the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi that he has already finished it from the previous week ,but he has not had enough time to file the claim to DNA. In such a context, he stated he would go today to talk to the prosecutors about the respective expert report .
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