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Clean-Handed Mafia Clans

7 Iunie 2007
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The charges of the Finance Department against the University Petre Andrei of Iasi have a simple explanation: Nae Niculescu, who is in conflict with Professor Doru Tompea, has been supported by Anton Dobos in the case of the credit taken by SC Moldrom SA Iasi from the Romanian Commercial Bank (Banca Comerciala Romana - BCR). Together with Laurentiu Astefanei, the manager of BCR Iasi, and with Toader Iliescu, Anton Dobos has been inquired by the National Anti-Corruption Department for not having followed the way in which the loan of 597,266 USD has been used, so that now he is under the attention of DIICOT. Dobos has sent his person to cavil Tompea and the University Petre Andrei of Iasi, to the requirement of Niculescu, who has introduced a trustful friend within the system. An intricate business to which another acquaintance of Nae Niculescu's takes part: it is about Bogdan Trandafirescu, a relative of brothers Cristian and ilie Foia, the latter being Nae Niculescu's son-in-law. "Personally, I have found out about this employment from manager Mihai Acatrinei and afterwards from the two Moldrom's partners, who, at that time, complained to me upon the details of the business, its costs and inclusively upon certain «bags of money» which had been withdrawn", asserted Doru Tompea.
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