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Consultant for agricultural bankruptcy

2 Februarie 2007
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The manager of the Official County Farming Consulting Department, Constantin Chirila, has caused the failure of the company where he is the principal shareholder, SC Agromec SA Podu Iloaiei, a firm which has debts overrunning one billion lei (100 thousand RON). For almost one year and a half, Constantin Chirila has been incompatible with his function, because he has been known at the Trade Register as the manager of Agromec SA Podu Iloaiei. "He is obviously there. The ex- manager Chirila handed his demission at an internal meeting, but it was not registered at the Trade Register, consequently it has no judicial value. He remained on the papers as a manager until the insolvency proceedings", stated yesterday Neculai Michichiu, the liquidator of SC Agromec SA Podu Iloaiei. Gheorghe Plesu, the president of the Businessmen Union, used to be Chirila's partner at Agromec, through his wife Otilia Plesu and the firm TGH Investment SA. The head of the consultants of Iasi that have problems in agriculture has caused the failure of his own business. In these conditions, it is hard to understand how Constantin Chirila could explain to a farmer what the latter should do in order to obtain a successful business.
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