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Contagious Inefficiency At the Financial Department

17 Noiembrie 2006
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The micro-enterprisers from Iasi have been ridden on a rail for the inspectors from the Financial Department, while the real debtors of the debtors from the county are being under the protection of this institution`s managers .

Economic units such as Terom SA ,Constructii Feroviare Moldova SA, Lactis SA or Autobuzul SA have deductions from the accounts of five, six and even ten banks, in the case of Autobuzul SA the measures proving to have been inconclusive. Concerning Lactis SA , the department led by the assistant manager Viorica Onofrei has not organized less than 15 auctions without having succeeded in turning the goods to account and in recovering the debts to the government`s budget.
The giants with astronomic debts to the government are given respite by the Financial Department, while the small enterprises are simply flayed by the Exchequer of Iasi. Manager Dobos hides behind the special administration`s curtain in the case of the big factories, so that the General Board of the County`s Public Finance (DGFPJ) Iasi could not interfere for recovering the debts.

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