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Convicted for having beaten a teacher

25 Ianuarie 2007
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The prosecutors decided to sentence to prison the pupil that had beaten the teacher on the hall of the school "Ion Creanga" from Targu Frumos. As she had very low grades at Chemistry, a girl asked her sister beat the teacher. The judges awarded moral damages of about 50 million Lei (5 thousand RON). It is the only case from the last years when justice punishes the violence against teachers. "I felt humiliated and didn't have the courage to enter the classroom for teaching. It was a trauma hard to explain in words", declared yesterday Alina Todica, the teacher aggressed physically on the hall of the school where she used to teach. Last week, another teacher was beaten by a pupil at Pascani. The magistrates from the Court of Pascani have sentenced Simona Astefanei, the young girl who has beaten a teacher at the School "Ion Creanga" from Pascani. It is one of the only sentences of this type in the country.
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