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Conviction For European Funds Misappropriation

12 Martie 2007
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Despite the fact he had demanded the judges from the Law Court of Iasi to be discharged as he had paid back the defalcated money, the magistrates sentenced Vladimir Crusnevschi to two years' imprisonment with pending. He is the first and the only citizen of Iasi convicted for European funds misappropriation. The next one to be convicted should be Magda Tepoi, but she keeps on postponing it with all sorts of demands which tergiversate the trial. The Law Court of Iasi decided to maintain the punishment of two years' imprisonment with the possibility of pending it for Vladimir Crusnevshi, who had embezzled some thousands Euros from the European community's fund. As he has returned the defalcated money, he will remain with this spon on his criminal record, but without imprisonment.
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