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Cosmote- Chargeable

17 Aprilie 2007
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As it has fixed an aerial for transmitting the signal on Cotnari Fortress archeological site from the locality with the same name, Cosmote mobile phone operator is chargeable. "The evil has already been done. Until we find out what has been damaged, we cannot talk about the value of the prejudice", stated Vasile Munteanu, the Manager of the Cultural Department- Cults and National Cultural Heritage.

The Cultural Department- Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Iasi has sent the record regarding the damage from Cotnari to an expert commission from Bucharest and it has recommended to the mobile phone operator to take the aerial from the locality. The mobile phone operator has built an aerial on Catalina hill, without respecting the building standards, and it has destroyed a part of the Dacian fortress protected by law.

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