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Costel Busuic, the winner of "Hijos di Babel" has two brothers under arrest

18 Martie 2008
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Mihai Costel Ion Busuioc
The journalists of ZIUA from Iasi succeeded to get an exclusive interview with two of the brothers of Costel Busuic or Pavarotti from Moldova. Ion and Mihai Busuioc were convicted for public violent behavior and stealing and now are serving the sentence in prison. Ion Busuioc is executing a second conviction for theft, while Mihai Busuioc was sentenced for aggression. "I miss my brother and I would like to meet him soon," declared Ion. Mihai instead thinks that Costel, even if he is almost a star now, did not forget them and declares that, in prison no one believed that they were brothers. "He chose another way, and he did well because he didn't end like us, in prison"
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