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Crippled On the Stadium

8 Noiembrie 2006
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A 17-year pupil will remain crippled for the rest of his life ,after the fireworks at the inauguration of Emil Alexandrescu Stadium`s floodline,when one of the fireworks exploded in his right cheek.Immediately after the accident ,mayor Gheorghe Nichita ,also present at the event,tried to hush up the case and recommended the doctors to keep the secret.

Petrica Fulga`s hospitalization at Sf.Spiridon was made in secret .A representative from Politehnica Club went to the hospital ,asking the victim not to talk to the press ,until the club`s consent .The supporters were allowed with fireworks on the stadium ,although there was an organized event and the fireworks should have been supervised by authorized people .The Department For Guns,Explosives and Toxic Substances is going to punish the organizer Politehnica Iasi Football Club
A pupil was hospitalized at Sf.Spiridon with his cheeck almost crushed ,after having taken part to the floodline`s inauguration on Emil Alexandrescu Stadium,on Friday,November 3. The football team`s backers were permitted to enter with fireworks inside the stadium .At a certain moment ,a part of the supporters` fireworks did not blow up ,and Petrica Fulga went to see what was happening .While checking up,one of them suddenly exploded .

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