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Croitoriu or Lucasi Is Leading the Guard for Environment?

28 Martie 2007
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The officer general of the Guard for Environment of Iasi might be in charged with false concerning his identity, as he divorced about two years ago and he has no longer the right to be named Croitoriu. The divorce was passed in March, 2005, and the appointment as an officer general was made in October, 2006.

The sentence for divorce specifies the fact that he has no right of having the husband's name, and the law stipulates that the woman should exchange her identity card in maximum 30 days. The officer general does not want to give any declararation related to this exchange of the name, but she is on her position and states that this situation does not affect at all the actions of the commissaries from the Guard for Environment and that it does not matter on which name the appointment as an officer general has been made.
The reporters of the daily ZIUA of Iasi signaled in yesterday's edition the problems within the Guard for Environment that might cause prejudices to the public institution and to Officer General Diana Mihaela Croitoriu. These facts were known after Vasilica Dorohoianu, the owner of the company of Iasi Bircomex SRL, addressed himself to the law court in order to complaint on a far too expensive fine which forces him shut up his business and dismiss the people.

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Gruia  | #10004
Croitoru sau Croitoriu sau Lucasi? A/ti botezat/o fratilor?
Ma, daca nu stiti sa scrieti lasati pixul jos, luati harletul si la munca, poate va mai innobilati si voi.
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