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Defendant Maftei Got Rich After the Arrest

31 Mai 2007
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The arrest for the record "Bribery to the Prefect" has not affected financially the man of business Cristian Maftei. As the liberals are the only to lead now, in the last two years the company behind which Maftei used to be, Company Quantum SRL, has signed contracts for road works amounting to a total value of about 100 billion Lei. For the moment, the Company Quantum SRL owns the most of the road workings in the county. According to certain pieces of information, the most of the contracts have been obtained by some arranged auctions. Maftei's company used to occupy the last positions at the auctions, as it had the highest prices but, despite all these, it used to contract especially by the complicity of the mayors. Barnova, Todiresti and Ciohor are only some of the communes from where Maftei's company takes its public money. Currently, the representatives of SC Company Quantum SRL are pressing so that it can obtain a contract estimated to 53 billion Lei, at the Regional Department for the National Roads and Bridges. The fact that he has entered the clique of the liberals on Bahlui river - who have obtained the power overnight - has financially agreed with businessman Cristian Maftei. He was not even affected by the fact that, at a certain point, he had to have a 29 days' break, as he was arrested together with the liberal prefect, Radu Prisacaru, for the bribery record.
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