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Deputy Dobre Stamping the Law

27 Noiembrie 2006
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Imposing upon the fact that the state's institutions do not do their job, meaning they do nothing for recovering the land obtained illegally on Ciric Lake's board by Traian Dobre ‘s firm, SC Comat SA, has opened a new trial against Sport Club Nicolina. Dobre's company claim the judges to delegate that the Sport Club should evacuate the land from Ciric recreational area. Although almost two years have already passed from the signing of the exchange contract between the Territorial Direction of Silvan and Hunting Regime Suceava, the Silvan Enclosure Iasi and SC Coamat SA for an area of 10 thousand square meters in Ciric recreational ground's perimeter, this land's condition has not solved yet. " SC Comat cannot pretend now the land's evacuation through a presidential writ in order to build their own recreation area by disbanding the existent one as long as law forbids this thing", specified the representatives of Sport Club Nicolina.
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