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Deputy Fenechiu's business, investigated by the prosecutors

19 Ianuarie 2007
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A check made by the Audit Office to the claim lodged by the ex- prefect Radu Prisecaru proves that Fene Grup SA, the firm of the liberal deputy Relu Fenechiu, has illegally won the auction organized by the Agrarian Department for the work of land improvement in Dolhesti Commune. Anton Dobos, the manager of The General Department for the County Public Finance, avoided checking this business, even though he had been asked. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi own the papers according to which certain investigators would have tried to hush up this affair. An illegal affair hidden under the mat by the prosecutors and the inspectors from the General Department for the County Public Finance (DGFPJ) Iasi- only because the liberal deputy Relu Fenechiu is also involved- emerges once again, due to the professionalism of the inspectors from the Audit Office.
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