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31 Ianuarie 2007
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At the National Anti-Corruption Department- DNA Iasi, for more than one year and a half, the transgressors have been entering the office as bribery takers, but leaving it as innocent angels. In 2006, The Territorial Anti-Corruption Branch (DGA- from the Ministry of Internal Affairs) sent to DNA Iasi 24 files related to certain corruption offence. DNA Iasi has answered to 19 from the 24 files. From these, 17 records have been resolved by starting the proceedings and two of them by renouncing to the proceedings. This happened in the context that it was about crimes concerning bribery taking and giving, intercession etc. The prosecutors from the National Anti-Corruption Department- the Territorial Branch (DNA) Iasi have been proving during the last year that the institution they represent has as a purpose to whitewash the transgressors.
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