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Disclosures from the Process of Veronica Antal's Canonization

7 Aprilie 2007
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The story of Veronica Antal, the girl stabbed with 42 blows when she was only 23, deeply marked the community of the Catholic believers, but also the Orthodox's, from the surroundings of Halaucesti Commune, 49 years ago. First, a martyr, Veronica Antal turned into a saint among the Catholic believers of Halaucesti, Botesti and Nisiporesti, the village where he was born, on December 7, 1935. The memory of Veronica Antal, the young girl who gave her life for maintaining her body's innocence, is alive now. And not only in the mind of the ones having met her, but also in the younger ones', who have only heard her story. And this story has turned into a legend, over the time.
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