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DNA's Leader Shows up the Intrigues from Iasi

21 Februarie 2007
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Daniel Marius Morar, the Prosecutor General within the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA), has directly involved for taking "Bribery to the Prefect" Record from the table of the Court of Iasi. DNA's leader explains the way in which each of the four defendants from the respective file has influence on the justice system of Iasi. The High Court of Cassation and Justice Bucharest has decided that the record referring to the ex- prefect of Iasi is in charged with corruption should remain at the Court of Iasi. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi present, exclusively and integrally the accusations against DNA's leader towards the justice of Iasi. "The judges' impartiality could be derogated as a consequence of the conjuncture, of the local enmities or of the parties' quality", said Daniel Morar. Daniel Marius Morar, the Prosecutor General from DNA, has involved directly for taking the file "Bribery to the Prefect" from the table of the judges from the Court of Iasi. The arguments brought by Prosecutor Daniel Morar in order to "steal" the record from Iasi are really inciting, since they charge with traffic of influence, right and left, the whole judicial system from Iasi.
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