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Dobos' Cabal

20 Ianuarie 2007
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The Ministry of Finance has confirmed the journalist investigation of the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi. After the evidence that Manager Anton Dobos had organized a competition without respecting the law, the Ministry of Finance asked to the ones illegally promoted to return the money. Even if these sums should have been imputed to the organizers, the bumped employees accepted to pay 50 million Rolei (5,000 RON) each. The total amount imputed is of 200 million Rolei (20 thousand RON).

Cap it all; at the end of the year, the three persons are advanced again, after a similar arguable competition. This situation proves that the rot from the Finance Department in Iasi overwhelms the whole institution.
The cabal of Anton Dobos', the executive manager from the County General Public Finance Department (DGFPJ) Iasi goes beyond intrusiveness and beyond the respect towards the state laws. The information obtained by the reporters from the daily ZIUA of Iasi prove that, at the Finance Department of Iasi, through palpable and visible facts, the corruption is on the tapis.

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