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Dr. Stratan under a Ban

5 Ianuarie 2007
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The chief of the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Therapy from Sf. Spiridon Hospital has been superseded from his function, not having a free pratique notice in order to practice in any public medical unity. For years has Dr. Iulian Statan been occupying this function illegally. The newly- appointed, who is to be the temporary chief of the clinic is Dr. Ioana Grigoras. The chief of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy from Sf. Spiridon Hospital, Dr. Iulian Stratan, has not obtained the notice from the Romanian Physicians' College in order to maintain this function. Dr. Ioana Grigoras, from the same clinic, have superseded the anaesthetist Iulian Stratan.
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