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Dr. Voroneanu Plays the Lying Brat

16 Februarie 2007
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After the revealing of the daily ZIUA of Iasi, Prof. Dr. Maria Voroneanu will solicit CMDR to cancel the notice through which she could practice as a surgery dentist, even if she does not have this qualification. As a consequence to the article published by the daily ZIUA of Iasi, entitled "Rank Fake Incrimination within the Medical Environment", Prof. Dr. Maria Voroneanu will ask the College of Surgery Dentists of Romania (CMDR) cancel the certificate which prolongs the activity where it is mentioned she could profess as a dentist and solicit another one where to be mentioned she is a Maxilla- Facial Dr. Despite the fact the notice was invoiced one year ago, Prof. Dr. Maria Voroneanu from the Faculty of Dental Medicine affirmed she had never looked up in the papers and she had not noticed that she was mentioned as a surgery dentist and she admitted she did not have that qualification.
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