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7 Decembrie 2006
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The daughter of rector Cristian Dragomir is being built a huge house right in the city's navel, from a tutor's salary which is not more than 7 million lei. With such a compensation she cannot obtain a bank credit for building a mansion like this, which is worth some billions lei. The construction work are being conducted by the University of Medicines' rector, the dentist's father. Six workers are already on the building ground and they are not able to specify whether they have been drawn up a legal contract. The builders insisted on the fact that their chief is the civil engineer from SC Somaco SA, Ioan Codrun. He had a nervous breakdown when finding out that he had been laid bare by his workers. The daughter of the rector from UMF- the University of Medicines and Pharmacy "Gr. T. Popa", Dr. Cristina Dragomir, has succeeded in building a huge house, which is worth some billions lei, from a tutor's salary of not more than 7 million lei.
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