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Ecological Bombs

29 Decembrie 2006
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The big factories from Iasi might turn into some real ecological bombs anytime. In our county, there are 12 firms owning considerable quantities of dangerous substances, among the most frequent ones being: petrol, diesel oil, acetone, oils, methanol and hydrochloric acid.

Three of the respective companies- SC CET, CET II and Petrom SA bottler station from Valea Lupului- are considered the most dangerous. The inspectors from the Agency for Environment Protection (APM) Iasi consider that, as long as the conditions for the quarrying and the precaution are respected, nothing can happen, but, in case an incident happened, both the environment and the population in the area would be affected. Although the dangerous substances they have in stock are being strictly monitored, a simple human error could destroy everything on the surroundings, for some kilometers' incidence.
The great factories from Iasi risk turning into some real ecological bombs. Even though the dangerous substances these firms have in their stock are being rigorously monitored, but for a human mistake everything on the area could be destroyed. If an employee happens not to observe the precautionary measures very strictly, a real disaster could be produced. There are 12 companies in Iasi, which own considerable quantities of dangerous substances such as petrol, diesel oil, acetone, oils, methanol and hydrochloric acid.

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