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Escape From Petrescu Clan`s Camp

10 Noiembrie 2006
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The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi have obtained certain dumbfounded testimonies concerning the behaviour of dr.Bogdan Petrescu ,the son of two professors from UMF Iasi. After the scandal concerning prof.dr.Florin Topoliceanu`s immorality ,two more names of influence from UMF Iasi are now shaking the establishment`s image. "Mummy,go to the shop and buy another daddy,cause this one picks up quarrels ",Gabriela Petrescu`s children are crying,being terrorized by their father`s scandals .Dr.Bogdan Petrescu ,the owner of Mater Optica being sued by his wife ,dr.Gabriela Petrescu ,as being guilty of their unweavering marriage .Her parents-in-law are dr. Zenaida Petrescu,the chief of Dermatology section and dr.Gheorghe Petrescu ,the chief in Physiology from the same university.The beatings suffered by dr.Gabriela Petrescu from her husband have been lasting for six years.

At the beginning of the next week ,the magistrates from the Law Court of Iasi are facing one of the most resounding divorces within the highclass from Iasi university centre :dr.Gabriela Petrescu has decided to put an end to the ordeal through which she has been passing for seven years ,since having gotten married to Bogdan Petrescu ,professors Zenaida and Gheorghe Petrescu`s son ,from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy of Iasi.The repeated scandals awful beatings ,clothes cut by the kitchen knife ,psychic pressure similar to the ones from a Nazi camp of concentration ,this is the way which could characterize dr. Gabriela Petrescu`s life since having married Bogdan Petrescu.

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