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Falling on to Relu's Knees

25 Ianuarie 2007
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Nicusor Paduraru has begun to pay back the services to Baron Relu Fenechiu, thanking him for the support the latter had offered him in order to become a Prefect. Yesterday, by an address sent to Prefect Nicusor Paduraru to Deputy Relu Fenechiu, the prosecutors rashed the scandal for occupying the function of mayor for Comarna and validated the candidature of the man proposed by PNL. " It does surprise me this document sent by the Prefect of Iasi County as a response to the demand of Deputy Relu Fenechiu's, an act through which Nicusor Paduraru goes back on the first emitted order which used to establish the program of the electoral offices, between 10.00- 16.00. It is a revolting ill will from the prefect", stated yesterday Senator Dan Carlan, the leader of PD Iasi. The de-politicizing of the Prefecture has turned into a simple phrase uttered by Prefect Nicusor Paduraru in his official speeches, as a simple eye-service. Nicusor Paduraru has started to pay back the services to Baron Relu Fenechiu, in this way thanking him for the support offered in becoming a Prefect.
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