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12 Mai 2007
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By genealogy, individuals have been classed into social layers, these individuals meaning something only by descending from some important families. "When a member of Sturdza Family, left to Russia, wanted to marry someone from Gagarin Family, he had to prove the noble class through a family tree. So, he had to order such a probative paper for his noble origin", states Sorin Iftimie. Genealogy might seem an arid science, not so important. A genealogist's work, which is the work of an ant's, is extremely choicely, as it is defined by science man Sorin Iftimie, the researcher from the Center of History and European Civilization. Despite the fact that genealogy, the science which analyses the way in which this people lasts in its concrete form, the individual one, by following the mixture between ascendants and descendants, it continues to be an actual one, but in a limited circle of interest.
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