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Faucet- Source of Danger

18 Aprilie 2007
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RAJAC station for water treatment, placed on Spital Pascanu Street, Tatarasi district, is visibly deteriorating. There are animals which pass daily through the fence which encloses the Station for water treatment. RAJAC's managers considered it necessary to invest billions of Lei in the company's office, to the detriment of the respective Station from Tatarasi. In spite of all the insistences of the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi- in order to check whether the water from the Station in Tatarasi is clean- RAJAC's representatives refused any collaboration. Instead of permitting the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi enter the perimeter of the treatment station so that to see whether the pools within the treatment Station in Tatarasi are pure, Ioan Toma, RAJAC's Manager, proved to be disturbed by the fact that the journalists dared to intend to visit the objective. Nevertheless, the disaster could be seen even from the street. This happened because the Station's fence was so deteriorated that any animal could pass through it and drown in the water which is daily consumed by the citizens.
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