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FEG's Poison

13 Februarie 2007
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The kindergarten of PSD's Deputy Anghel Stanciu caused hospitalization to three children. Last Saturday, after having the lunch, the little kids complained about some stomachache, belch and diarrhea. The Consumer Protection Department and the Public Health Authority have investigated FEG Kindergarten, disposing its closure, while OPC has fined the catering company who had prepared the meal to the children. Deputy Anghel Stanciu has acted the goat, affirming he does not know that half of the state institutions have checked his nursery school. "I don't know anything so I cannot answer you. No more comments. Have a nice evening!" commented Anghel Stanciu yesterday evening. The irresponsibility of Deputy Anghel Stanciu's family could have caused the death of not less than 13 children who have been studyig at FEG Kindergarten. The kids were having the lunch, taking into account the fact that the nursery school has a prolonged programme, from a company that owns a restaurant.
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