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Fenechiu, the Highbinder

1 Decembrie 2006
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The trade unionists from SC Nicolina SA accuse PNL's deputy Relu Fenechiu for the factory's current situation. Nicolina SA Trade Union puts the blame on the deputy's political interferences and on his demagogical promises that have not been respected. "Mr. Fenechiu also said: "Me and Radu, ‘cause that's how we call each other,( Radu Prisacaru, the ex-prefect ) together, are to eventually solve the problems from Nicolina, in such a manner that about 500 employees could return to their jobs at Nicolina after AVAS' approval on the restructuring programme ", the trade unionists quote Fenechiu's promises. Nicolina SA, a factory with 114 years' past, now seems to be a titan haunted by the years that have passed over it and by the political interests that acted in such a way that at the moment 66 salaries cannot do more than watching over the equipment .
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