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Fenechiu, the Tax Dodger

5 Decembrie 2006
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The liberal deputy Relu Fenechiu has been involved in a tax evasion scandal of more than ten billion lei. Benefiting by his status as a member of the current Parliament, Fenechiu is not investigated anymore. It is DNA's obligation to bring out the aspects concerning the deputy of Iasi.

So well is the formula for the onerous deals organized that, after the transportation, the goods simply disappear. The public opinion has the right to know the truth related to the liberal deputy's business, as he is being involved in numerous economic-financial scandals.
Two owners from Iasi are under arrest: Catalin Balcan, the one from Maitri Grup SRL and Catalin Onofrei, the owner from SC Dutraio Serv SRL. Then-the liberal deputy from Iasi whose prosecution accusation has been scandalously suspended: Relu Fenechiu ; the accusation of tax evasion being worth ten billion lei for the deals during 2001. Other accusations: false in documents under the private signature and abuse concerning the goods' quality.

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