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Fight at the House of Students

7 Mai 2007
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In the night between Friday and Saturday, after the Folk evening within FestudIS, the master of "Doina Cartaptilor" Folkloric Choir, Marinica Botea, organized a stags' party in a room from the Students' Cultural House basement, fact which vexed certain students, members of some important Leagues that took part to FEstudIS Student Festival. Shortly after the midnight, a couple of students, members of some student leagues that participated to FEstudIS, foiled them. Friday, after the midnight, within the office of the Students Cultural House of Iasi, at a private party there began a proper fight which seriously threatened even the students who were on the garden of Belfast bar. Yesterday, the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi kept on trying to contact Adrian Caliman, the Manager of the Students House of Culture, who had given his permission for this party. Eventually, he admitted he did know anything.
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