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Finance Inspector Indicted for Corruption

4 Ianuarie 2007
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After plenty of inspectors and revenue officers from the Public Finances Department had been prosecuted for corruption, Felicia Sonea was sued, and other four employees were administratively fined. The inspectors from the Finances are being charged with having covered some financial caddishness done through certain transactions of the company SC Alimentara 86 Iale SA. The prosecutors have also instituted proceedings against the firm's manager. The file's goal is Ioan Grigoriu, the assistant manager from the Finances. The prosecutors from the National Anti-Corruption Department, the Territorial Branch from Iasi, have started proceedings against the inspector from the General Department for Public Finances (DGFP) Iasi, for having committed certain corruption crimes. Thus, according to the prosecution accusation made by Corneliu Marian Gheorghis, the counselor from DGFP Iasi, Felicia Sonea, have been in charged with complicity to tax dodging and to dishonest usage of the company's goods or budget.
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