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Fire At Probota

23 Martie 2007
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But for the fluctuations in pressure on E.ON Moldova SA's distribution network, two days ago, in Probata Commune, hundreds of house machineries of the villagers' burned. "The TV set was on fire. The same happened with the aerial for Digi TV. They burned; we can use them no more", complained Maria Panainte, a villager from Probota. One day before, the electricians from E.ON Moldova SA had just repaired the pressure transformer which used to supply the villagers' houses. Disaster in Probota Commune, Iasi County: scores of villager from this commune remained without the machineries they had hardly bought all their life long with great financial efforts. Two days ago, at about 10:30- 11:00 a.m., but for the fluctuations in pressure, hundreds of electronic machines burned and the villagers could not do anything. The representatives of E.ON Moldova SA found out yesterday morning- from the reporters from the daily ZIUA of Iasi- about the situation from Probota and reacted. "We sent a commission on the scene in order to evaluate the situation. The villagers will be made amends to the loss. There is the possibility that we take the house machines with us to get them fixed and then to return them to the villagers. If not, the villagers could repair them by themselves and we pay the invoices for the reparations and for the carriage.
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