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Five marriages in only one day within Stanescu family

22 Ianuarie 2007
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Avalanche of marriages in Ciurea district. Scores of gypsies decided to get married at the Registrant's Office after finding out that the government offers a 200 Euro bonus to the ones who marry for the first time. This month, there have been five marriages for the Stanescus, from children to parents, all of them being already married or going to make the step this month. Yesterday, Dragos Stanescu married legally to Veta Stanescu, the sister of the gypsies' king in Ciurea, after having lived together for 36 years." Our parents have shown us around and we have been together since then. This happened 36 years ago" stated Dragos Stanescu yesterday. Five marriages at Ciurea, within Dragos Stanescu's family. This month, the gypsies from this commune are simply rushing towards the Registrant' Office.
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