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Five Million Euros Unburied From Tutora

26 Iunie 2007
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Among the people from Ceramica who are connected to the company of Iasi, the luckiest one is the ex-manager - Corneliu Lucaci, followed by the current manager - Aurel Tarciniu, the marketing manager - Elena Pruteanu and the economic manager - Rodica Condriuc. The four people won the huge sum of 5,733,981 Euros on Friday. Giorgeta Rotundu, the wife of BNR's manager, sold more than 200 thousand stock with 65,8 thousand lei each (6,58 RON per share), which brought her a profit of 414,859 Euros, a sum not to be neglected at all. The transaction astonishes, taking into account the interest in Ceramica SA, also justified by the fact that, the management assert in the annual report that it will obtain a profit of 96 billion Lei (9,6 million RON) for 2007.

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