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Flavored Details from the Investigation upon Mancas Case

22 Mai 2007
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Alina Horeanu will be summoned to the Law Court tomorrow. The police officers assert that the young men were desperate to wash the blood from the carrier of Mancas' car, but they did not manage. Vlad Scurtu came to an agreement in order to sell the victim's vehicle with 9,000 Euros, but he was blackmailed, receiving only 900 Euros. Alina Horeanu called her sister so that to borrow a scoop for burying Mancas.

Not even yesterday did the Law Court of Iasi summon properly Mihaela Alina Horeanu, the student accused of having murdered Daniel Mancas. At 12 p.m., at the Law Court, there should have been adjudicated the motion for the student's preventive attachment, but the judges decided to agree with a new trial term for Wednesday, the 23rd of May, when the defendant should be summoned properly.

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