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Flutur: "PLD and Stolojan Are For Traian!"

30 Aprilie 2007
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Gheorghe Flutur is going to coordinate the supporting of President Traian Basescu in the eight counties of Moldova, together with the leaders from the county branches of the Democrat Party's. PLD's leader anticipates that PSD will perform a dirty campaign against the President. At the rally for supporting President Traian Basescu, on May 13, which is going to take place at Iasi, there have been mobilized both PD's and PLD's members, from all the counties adjacent to Iasi. "PLD and Stolojan are for Traian!" This was the message proposed by Gheorghe Flutur, the Liberal Democrat Party's Executive, who came to Iasi in order to prepare the campaign for supporting President Traian Basescu, before the referendum on May, 19. Flutur will coordinate PLD's campaign in the eight counties from Moldavia, together with the leaders of the Democrat Party's county branches.
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