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27 Iunie 2007
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The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from UMF, Prof. Dr. Carol Stanciu, showed himself confident of the success in the project of modernizing UAIC and, thinking that it will be approved at tomorrow's Senate meeting. A normal university, not a mega-university, this is the main point of the project of modernizing the University "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi, proposed by its Rector, Dumitru Oprea.

At tomorrow's Senat meeting, within the University "Al. I. Cuza" (UAIC) Iasi, there will be decided the chance of the project elaborated by the university's Rector, Dumitru Oprea. The structuring plan will be developed according to the decisions taken by the members of UAIC Senate, related to the project of modernizing this higher education institution.


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