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For and Against Basescu

20 Aprilie 2007
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"It is a political and institutional crisis with an unprecedented gravity. Since 1990, is spite of all the climbings and the descents, there has not been such a fiasco of the democratic institutions in Romania. We are facing a serious situation, stated for daily ZIUA of Iasi George Poede, Professor at the Faculty of Politic Sciences within the University" Al.I.Cuza". The parliamentarians of Iasi have voted for the project concerning President Traian Basescu's suspension according to the decision taken by the central leadership of the parties they belong to. The parliamentarians of Iasi did not oppose to the decisions taken by the leaders of the parties they represent, when having to vote for the project related to President TRaian Basescu's suspension, while the parliamentarians from PD Iasi supported the President. The political analyst George Poede, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences within the University "Al.I.Cuza", declared to the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi that, after the vote concerning the president's suspension, Romania has been facing an unprecedented political crisis.
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