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Forensic Experts Bury Maxx Space Files

1 Noiembrie 2006
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The doctors from IML Mina Minovici in Bucharest admit the existence of medical negligence concerning the youngwoman Gabriela Moraru`s death.Almost unbelievable:not only the doctors from The Medico-Legal Institute in Iasi,but also the ones from the Institute Mina Minovici in Bucharest hide the name of the ones that could be responsible for Gabriela Moraru`s death. "There have been noticed some errors of therapeutic conduct which can neither be quantized for causing the demise nor for the chanses of survival ,implicitly.",the Superior Board of IML Bucharest specified.Even if there is a notorious fact that the medical boards do not notice ,we remind that the two doctors involved in this case are Theodor Stamate ,the hospital`s ex-manager and Dr. Camelia Tamas. Almost unbelievable:both the staff of the Institute in Iasi and the ones from Bucharest hide the identity of the ones that should be inquired on gabriela Moraru`s death,the young girl that burnt in Maxx Space Discoteque ,owned at tha time by the present-day deputy Relu Fenechiu.
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