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Forged Auction

3 Noiembrie 2006
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The auction for adjudging the centre of SC Cerealcom SA Iasi was illegal.Ziua of Iasi proved this fact still from the auction`s date,which was also confirmed by the judge,who cancelled the auction a little time before.Only the land from Gane Nicolae No.7 Street is worth the same sum with which the area was sold,meaning 7,5 billion lei( 750 thousand RON) , to which the building`s historical value would be added,as being a patrimony. In this year`s spring ,the daily Ziua of Iasi drove the attention towards the illegacy of the auction for adjudging the ex-centre of Cerealcom SA Iasi`s building,placed nearby The National Anti-Corruption Department ,on Nicu Gane Street.After publishing the news in Ziua of Iasi,The Department for Culture,Cults and the National Cultural Patrimony in Iasi county obstructed the sale of SC Cerealcom SA`s centre on Nicolae Gane Street where ,after a fishy auction ,businessmanConstantinComanescu had been nominated aswinner .The fact that the auction had been out of law was pointed out by the daily Ziua of Iasi from the respective event`s date .
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