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Forna's Confession

7 Decembrie 2006
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Radu Prisecaru, Flavius Ionis, Cristian Maftei and Toni Baltag have been serving time for 30 days, and they might remain in this situation for a couple of years, due to a simple information of six pages written by hand. On 2006 August, 17, Dorin Forna went to the center of the General Anti-Corruption Department from Iasi sustaining that Radu Prisecaru had asked him the three hectares of land. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi entirely present the information written by Dorin Forna. The latter asked that the file should be inquired at Bucharest, for fear the ex-prefect, together with Flavius Ionis and Cristian Maftei could be hidden by the prosecutors from Iasi." I specify that the investigation should be done by the anti-corruption agency from Bucharest so that the local political power could not be influenced", denounced Forna. Forna affirms that Prisecaru has been protected in order to commit the respective frauds. In order to be clear for everyone the reason which determined the four defendants' confinement for corruption in the case "Bribery at Prefecture", ZIUA of Iasi entirely presents the information written by Dorin Forna on 2006 August, 17 at the center of the General Anti-Corruption Department (DGA) from Iasi.
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