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Fortus SA - Barrel of Gun

7 Februarie 2007
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The state and the principal shareholder from Fortus SA Iasi have different interests concerning Fortus SA Iasi. The managership from Metalexportimport SA Bucharest, the controlling stockholder from Fortus, is going to replace the factory's management through the retirement of the representatives and of Andrei Meletie, appointed by Metalexportimport SA.

Yesterday's Managing Board was extremely tensioned, the two representatives of Metal's refusing to call together the General Shareholder's Board in order to be replaced from their function. The Authority for Capitalizing the State Assets- AVAS has been tergiversating to issue the commune orders for remission. This supposes ceasing the sequester and the possibility for Fortus SA Iasi to obtain the bank credits.
Incendiary meeting at Fortus SA Iasi. Yesterday, the leader of the Managing Board from Metalexportimport SA Bucharest, the principal shareholder from Fortus SA Iasi called together the General Shareholders' Board (AGA) for replacing Andrei Melentie and the other members of the Managing Board appointed by Metal itself.

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