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Four Million Euros Investment at Becalli's Factory

24 Aprilie 2007
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The owner George Becali has debts of 364,873 Euros, money which should have been invested in Avicola SA Iasi in 2006. Nevertheless, Becali has made investments of 4,147 million Euros, from a total of 4,20 million Euros, programmed last year. In spite of the birds' flu, SC Avicola SA iasi, owned by George Becali, has succeeded in obtaining a profit of 17, 28 billion Lei (1,728 million RON), the equivalent of 500 thousand Euros. A tender point of Avicola's is represented by the problems of environment. "Being given the measures which are going to be taken in 2007, we consider that the company's activity will improve, in this way creating the possibility of a permanent assurance of the firm's payment and the achievement of some superior financial performances to the ones from 2006", stated Corneliu Rosu.
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